Schu-Fu International Martial Arts Assoication

Schu-Fu is a sport-medicine based art with a scientific foundation.

The focus is on self-defense, self improvement, stress relief and fitness.

It is known as an eclectic style, which means that Schu-Fu includes the theory and technique of many styles of martial arts.  You do not need athletic ability, strength, or size to learn Schu-Fu, because the art teaches you how to use your opponent’s energy against them.

Grand Master Schu and his dedicated staff understand that people have different needs and abilities.  Thus, everyone who attends class is treated as an individual and encouraged to advance at their own pace.

At Schu-Fu, we strive to help people develop their warrior spirit with a curriculum that offers traditional methods of training mixed with simulations of real-world self defense situations.

At Schu-Fu, our motto is, ” You do what you practice “.  Therefore, we engage in full-contact training with due emphasis on safety.  Schu-fu is not for tournament competition because tournament fight involves rules, and we all know that in the street, there are no rules.

Schu-Fu International Martial Arts Association is dedicated to providing affordable, professional martial arts instruction for men, women and children of all ages.


Ooooossssaaa GMS, Thank You for Schu-Fu and the many ways it has made my life better. Truly honored and blessed to learn from you and all these great instructors!

Master Schu, how great is it that you have followed your true passion in life and in turn have made a huge impression on so many people.

It truly is an honor to be a part of something so great! Thank you Grand Master and all instructors for impacting my life in a profound way! ooosssaaa!

Congratulations! You have built an amazing organization and it’s great to see it acknowledged by the community.

I have trained with many people, in many styles, and in many places. Your school is truly the best that I have ever encountered. It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of it. oooosssssaaaa! And deep thanks.